30 things in my 30th Year

thirty things thirtieth year list

So I have turned 30 and I made a list of things I want to achieve in my 30th year… how do you think I’ll get on?!

30 things in my 30th Year 1


  1. Visit Harry Potter studio tour
  2. Go to Monkey World again
  3. Make something from Pinterest at least once a month
  4. Learn to use my sewing machine
  5. Do a 12 on 12 each month
  6. Attempt to create an Oreo tower stack
  7. Spend an entire day watching Disney movies
  8. Take cute kissing photos in a photo booth
  9. Bake a rainbow cake
  10. Finish an entire colouring book
  11. Get a decent set of headphones
  12. Climb one of the hills that’s part of the South Downs
  13. Develop a film at home
  14. Visit the Science Museum
  15. Visit the Natural History Museum
  16. See Brighton and Hove Albion play at the AMEX
  17. See Liverpool play again
  18. Document my achievements though Project Life
  19. Exercise regularly
  20. Visit Scotland
  21. Go abroad
  22. Try at least 12 new teas
  23. Meet up with some of my Twitter &/blogging friends
  24. Get myself a new job that I enjoy
  25. Teach someone to scrapbook
  26. Apply to a design team
  27. Make a will
  28. Learn a new craft
  29. Hold a crafternoon
  30. Enjoy my life more

So there it is. My list of 30 things to attempt to do this year, starting from today. Wish me luck!

Man. I’m getting old.

10 thoughts on “30 things in my 30th Year”

  1. Interesting post! Number 27's a bit morbid, though! Haha. Also, I mixed number 7 and 8 when I first saw this list – so I thought you'd said "Spend an entire day kissing in a photo booth!" I was thinking, "hmm, that's a bit ambitious!"

    1. Ooh, I didn't know they had a photo booth at Snoopers! We had a nice one taken at a wedding last night 🙂
      Cannot wait to to go the Harry Potter studios!
      I've collected lots of bits for my PL and will get cracking on it in the week.
      I am trying to 😀

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