Bake Time – Pig Cupcakes!

Bake Time - Pig Cupcakes! 1

I love a good cupcake, but haven’t had the opportunity to bake for a while. However, just recently I invested in some new baking bits, and thought that it was worth giving them a try out!

I usually don’t like using mixes, but I picked up a couple in the US last year as the baking stuff over there is so different! A strawberry cake mix, and a red velvet one. They were heading towards their use by date, so I thought I’d use the strawberry one first after I bought a bag of Marks and Spencer Percy Pig Rosy Noses and had a brain wave! I know – I’ll make piggy cupcakes!

I’m not the most artistic baker, but my cakes usually turn out pretty tasty. I started coming up with the idea of what else I’d do to it…. what I’d use for the eyes, ears, and filling them with jam. The ingredients were gathered, and I started to assemble my piggy plan…..

Bake Time - Pig Cupcakes! 2
The whole process

They were very delicious and although they haven’t all been eaten yet, it won’t be long until they will! Some might say that these look a bit immature or childish, but I am very proud of them.

Now, which animal shall I do next?!

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