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Balcony tea review

I don’t ¬†want to tempt fate, but it looks like today might actually be the first ‘proper’ day of summer! The lack of warmth and sunshine so far this summer has caused a lot of frustration from people, and I’ve heard so many say that if they could, they’d move to the Mediterranean.

I’d prefer to stay in Brighton rather than go to such drastic measures,and make the most of the sunny days we will have. That doesn’t stop me from wanting to recreate ‘the Med’ at home, and one of the ways in doing so is by brewing myself some Med-inspired tea from Balcony tea company.

Balcony are a family run brand local to Brighton and Hove and aim to ‘bring you the bliss of the Mediterranean in every cup’. They offer a selection of black, herbal and green teas, which are blended with fruit, herbs and spices to create a delicious cup of tea once brewed.

The tea is sourced from the Mediterranean too – Balcony’s tea suppliers are in Albania, where the climate is perfect for growing tea.

I was given a selection of tea from Balcony to review: Mediterranean Grey, Revitalising Peppermint and Fresh and Fruity.

Balcony fresh and fruity tea

The Fresh and Fruity tea is a delicious blend of hibiscus, lime flower, Greek mountain tea, lemon peel and olive leaves. I absolutely LOVE hibiscus in any drink and even have a pack of dried hibiscus flowers to make aqua fresca with when it’s hot, so this tea made me very happy. I drank this tea hot, but I think it’ll also make a delicious iced tea.

Balcony refreshing mint tea

The Revitalising mint tea is a blend of peppermint, spearmint, aniseed, chamomile, licorice and rosemary. Despite this tea being labelled as revitalising, it’s also very relaxing, and I love a cup of this before bed in the evening.

Balcony Mediterranean tea selection

I also tried the Mediterranean Grey, which is a delicious and refreshing twist on the traditional Earl Grey. It’s a blend of ceylon tea, with bergamot oil, calendula petals, and orange blossom, and makes for a relaxing cup.

I’ve now got a list of others from the Balcony range I’d love to try – think the first one would be ‘Peachy’, it sounds so delicious and I think it’d be perfect for drinking in my garden on a sunny day.

You can buy Balcony’s range of teas from their website, and in selected shops, restaurants and pubs, including Selfridges, Lucky Beach, Middle Farm, Gratitude Tree, and The Railway Inn in Portslade.

NB products were supplied for my consideration but all words and opinions are my own.

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