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Brighton restaurant reviews and food


If you want to know more about restaurants in Brighton, and read Brighton food reviews, then you’ve found the right place!

Brighton is a city packed with plenty of eating establishments. However, they of course, vary in quality, so it’s really important to keep on top of the best places to eat in Brighton and Hove. Reviews are where it’s at, as unfortunately it can be that places you used to eat at might not be as good as they were before, or your tastes may have changed.

Hopefully I’ll be able to help you with that! Read my Brighton food and restaurant reviews for my thoughts on food and restaurants in Brighton. And let me know in the comments of the posts whether you agree with my thoughts!

Brighton Restaurant Reviews and Recommendations

Brighton food and restaurant reviews


Traditional British and Fish and chips in Brighton and Hove



Indian food in Brighton and Hove

Chilli Pickle


Eastern Eye


Azuro Dhaba – vegan options available, see my vegan Indian food review

Middle Eastern food in Brighton and Hove

(list coming soon)

Vegetarian and vegan food in Brighton and Hove

Terre a Terre – vegan options available

Loving Hut – fully vegan

Food for Friends – vegan options available

Infinity Foods Kitchen – vegan options available

Purezza – fully vegan

Chinese food in Brighton and Hove

(list coming soon)

Thai food in Brighton and Hove

Kemp Thai – vegan options available

American food in Brighton and Hove

Meat Liquor – vegan options available

Breakfast Club – will veganise on request

Mexican food in Brighton and Hove

La Choza

Carlito Burrito


DeadGood Burrito

Italian food and pizza in Brighton and Hove

Morelli Zorelli – read my vegan pizza review


Nu Posto – vegan options available, vegan specials available


Pizzaface – vegan options available


Pizza 500 – vegan options available


Purezza – fully vegan


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