Coast to Coast Christmas Menu

If you follow me on instagram (if you don’t, why not? Do it now!) You’ll see that a few weeks ago I went to Coast to Coast in Brighton to sample their Christmas menu. I really love my food, as you can tell from many of my blog posts, and the lovely people at Coast to Coast invited myself and a number of other lovely Brighton bloggers (I’ll list them below) to come along and enjoy their foodie goodness!

I’d never been to Coast to Coast before. I don’t usually frequent Brighton Marina – only to pop to Asda every now and then, but there’s one closer to me which is more accessible. I used to go there to the cinema, but I’m now a member of Picturehouses, so I usually go to Duke of Yorks, or Dukes at Komedia as it’s such a lovely cinema experience – plus as a tall person with long legs, comfy seats with lots of leg room at no extra price is perfect for me. I shall be going back to try other food at Coast to Coast however, as it was delish!

I don’t try and avoid ‘American’ restaurants in the UK, but I think as I have been to the USA a lot (I have family there) I do tend to find that I frequently get let down by bad restaurants and bad dishes. Luckily I wasn’t let down at Coast to Coast! One of the menu developers was in attendance at the event, and we got to ask him lots of questions (and admire his awesome tattoos) – he is very into his American food, but knows that not all Brits do, so they give their food a twist to meet the British palate!

We were given a walk through and taste through of their Christmas cocktail list – let’s just say that their eggnog is to die for and I would gladly drink all the others again too!

Anyway, shall we go on about the food? Oh yes. Let’s begin…

There’s a selection of yummy starters, including:

goats cheese bruscetta

Goats cheese bruscetta bites

And then we tried some delicious main courses, such as:

mushroom risotto

Mushroom risotto

maple bacon burger

Maple bacon burgers


Christmas turkey dinner

the famous British Christmas Dinner with turkey, roast potatoes, mash, veggies, stuffing, pigs in blankets, and more!

We were getting a little stuffed, but we had two more things to try.

Pudding… a lush Oreo cheesecake with Oreo ice cream and Chantilly cream:

Oreo cheesecake and oreo ice cream

This was amazing. I could eat it all day, every day!!

And then we were presented with our final cocktail of the evening… the snowman!

Christmas snowman cocktail

I mean come on… unless you are Vegan or have an immense lactose intolerance you could not say no to this!! Absolutely gorgeous and incredibly cute. By then, Tess and Lilla had decided that they were done, so had a couple of sips and then I finished it off. So good.

I was incredibly impressed by the food we tasted that evening and I’ll be sure to be going back to Coast to Coast, whether in Brighton or elsewhere.

Have you ever eaten at Coast to Coast? What would you choose if you were to decide on three courses on the Christmas menu?

Thanks to Coast to Coast for inviting myself and a bunch of other Brighton bloggers along to sample the menu! The food and drinks were comped by Coast to Coast, but my opinions are always my own.

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