Do you Washi (tape) ?


washi tape craft scrapbook

This time 8 days ago I was sitting in a pub beer garden chatting with friends and celebrating a birthday (not mine). As more alcohol was ingested, different topics were covered, and one of them was craft trends. I got everyone up to speed with the fact that this year chevrons, grey, yellow and washi tape are all ‘in’.

Yesterday I wondered how much of that stuff I actually have myself. I like to keep up to date with papercrafting trends, but unlike others I’m not on design teams so don’t get paid to use products or have freebies at my disposal. I have some papers with lots of grey in, especially from the huge box of stuff I bought when my beloved Sassafrass went back to designing for others, rather than creating their own product lines. I don’t have much yellow stuff, nor chevron print or shaped things. I only have one roll of washi tape.


multi coloured washi tape

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE gazing at washi tape the most, but I never see myself buying any. I want a good mix, I don’t want to spend £4, or even £7 on a roll of tape, but at the same time I panic about buying an assortment on Etsy, and worry about feeling ripped off (excuse the pun).


Do you have a favourite place to buy your washi tape from? Any tips on how to make the most of it? Let me know and I’ll give it a go!

4 thoughts on “Do you Washi (tape) ?”

  1. Well on Etsy you can but it per meter wrapped on cotton spoils which is an awesome way to get loads more for your money, also places like ebay sell it to! X

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