Embroidery class at SUPER+SUPER Brighton

learning embroidery super super brighton

learning embroidery super super brighton

Aside from papercrafts and baking, I also love to sew. Up until now all I could really do though was cross stitch and although I enjoy it and am good at it, learning something new is always good! So when I saw the LivingSocial deal for a starter class at SUPER+SUPER in Brighton for £8 instead of the usual £20, I couldn’t say no!

I chose embroidery. Amy ran the workshop and there were 5 of us ‘students’ which was really nice, we got to have a chatter and even though I didn’t go with anyone but the others did, it was nice to get to know new people. We learnt a number of new stitches and all of the materials which we used were provided – as were tea and cake, which as you can imagine were good with me!! I like learning in a small group as if you have any issues or queries they can be easily solved and you can get more attention.

The next class on my wishlist at SUPER+SUPER is crochet…. I’ve never been able to do it, but hopefully with the help of a talented teacher I’ll get my head around it 🙂

PS, have you seen Jenny’s post on fast, handy home made stamps? There are some pretty cool and thrifty ideas to try out.

8 thoughts on “Embroidery class at SUPER+SUPER Brighton”

    1. I got the deal from LivingSocial a while back, but if I find any offers I find of interest I will make sure to post them here! Sometimes I post things to my personal Twitter too.

    1. I am so lucky to live near to a fab place like SUPER+SUPER, perhaps there is somewhere near you to go to classes? I have always found that many craft groups I've found are full of less trendy (hope that doesn't sound too bad!), so when this lovely place was launched I was very excited! 🙂

  1. I went to the intro to crochet class and it made such a massive difference! I'm a lefty so find it hard to learn things backwards!

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