Free Silhouette Shape – Pie Box and Labels

Continuing the Autumn and Fall theme rocking the internet right now, this week’s free Silhouette cutting shape is a pie box and labels!


autumn fall silhouette cutting file free

How to get a free Silhouette Shape – Pie Box and Labels

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or anything similar here in the UK, but you could use this fab shape as a gift box or as a decoration – why not create different ones in different patterns and colours of cardstock and scrapbook paper so that you could have some for Christmas, birthdays, spring, summer and more.

As you can see, on the Silhouette Online Store there is a free shape of the week. However, I also feature other ways to get hold of free Silhouette and cutting machine shapes – click the link and check them out, just in case you have missed out on any previous shapes.

Do you have a Silhouette cutting machine*? Let me know what your favourite Silhouette freebies are in the comments below!


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