Glittery Unicorn Fun at the Lucky Dip Club Meet Up

lucky dip club subscriber meet up 2015

I absolutely love Lucky Dip Club – it’s my monthly dose of happiness delivered to my work. Crafty, cute, kitsch, retro… all combined in a box, along with being able to support small businesses, illustrators and feel part of a fun community.

Last week it was the first Lucky Dip Club subscriber meetup at The New Hoxton hotel in Holborn. I was really excited to meet fellow subscribers – like-minded, fun people who I’d followed on Instagram, seen on Twitter etc., and also excited to get involved in the activities offered to us to take part in.

When I arrived, the venue was buzzing. I’d gotten the train up after my last day at work before a week and a half annual leave. I knew this event would be a great way to kick off my time off, and I wasn’t let down!

lucky dip club unicorn fun balloons













The venue was decorated with cute pastel decorations, unicorns and letter balloons! Tables were laid with the craft activities we’d be taking part in – wooden brooch painting, kitten embroidery, fruity pom pom making, and a marshmallow tea party! There were cocktails in jars from King Bloom, and sparkly pastel glitter doughnuts from Vickys Donuts.

I couldn’t contain myself, but had to calm down! We all decided on our first craft and were given a super cute Sunjellies bag by Kelly from Sunjellies (who I found out is local to me! Yay.) to pop all of our bits and bobs in. I chose the fruit pom poms craft first, which was run by two of the ladies from Caboodle magazine, and I made a strawberry pom pom!

lucky dip club kitten embroidery

Once I was done with the pom pom craft, I then moved onto the kitten embroidery with Leigh from In Twos and Threes – do you like my little kitty above?! This craft is so simple, but has such fun results!

I took my time with this one – I’m a bit of a perfectionist! Once I was done with my kitten, it was my time for the marshmallow tea party with B from Nugget and Mallow! This was what everyone was looking forward to – the piece de resistance! I grabbed a cocktail jar, a straw, and some ice, and took my seat!

marshmallow tea club nugget and mallow

We were given a marshmallow unicorn horn pop to decorate, plus a rainbow, cloud and a cute little additional mallow (I’m not sure if it was another unicorn horn or something else).

lucky dip club cocktails and marshmallows

To decorate the unicorn horns there was icing, popping candy, sprinkles, glitter…. yep! We went crazy with the decorating, as you can see…

lucky dip club unicorn tea party

Do you like my creation?! It was so much fun to make. Partly down to the fun activity, partly down to the fabulous people I had in my group!

Check us out as the marshmallow paparazzi! Thanks to Ms B, from Nugget and Mallow for capturing this (and for the lovely veggie mallows you gave me too)!

lucky dip club marshmallow paparazzi

Once we were done with the marshmallow tea party, it was time to do the last craft of the evening – the wooden brooch painting with Hollie Harris. There were some really cute retro wooden designs to paint, and I chose one which reminded me of the drawings my Mum drew for me when I was a little girl.

wooden brooch hand painted

All in all, it was a wonderful night. I skipped back to the train station full of sugar and cocktails and my journey home flew by since I spent most of the time chatting to the lovelies I met that evening on Twitter and Instagram.

I’m really looking forward to the next Lucky Dip Club meetup – it felt like we’d been popped inside a Lucky Dip Club box and set loose! I’m excited to get that feeling again soon!

Do you subscribe to Lucky Dip Club? Have you made any friendships with people from being a subscriber and part of the community? I’d love to hear about it!


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