Happy Eating With Rennie and Sorted Food

Sorted Food Rennie Happy Eating

Just recently I attended an event held by the Rennie team, for part of their #happyeating campaign. They’d invited a lovely group of bloggers and the lovely lads from Sorted Food to hang out! Plus, we were shown some great food ideas from the Sorted Food team.

The event was held at Perseverence Works in Hoxton and we were greeted with delicious glittery cocktails and nibbles from Christabels.

appetisers cucumber pomegranate fig

Have you seen Sorted Food’s YouTube channel before? They showcase lots of recipes and upload different kinds of video such as their ‘Fridgecam’ and ‘Big Night In’ series. They are also working with Rennie for their ‘Mystery Box Challenge’ videos, where Rennie sends them a mystery ingredient to cook something with.

sorted food youtube kitchen

The team set up their kitchen and cooked some food! Fried chicken with pandan pancakes, and churros with coffee chocolate sauce. They also answered some of out cooking questions, and entertained us – let’s just say that even trained, seasoned cooks like Ben mess up sometimes!! It was great learning about the fact that there are ways to enjoy really good food and what to do in case of heartburn after (hey, we all like a bit of rich food every now and again – myself included!)

ben and jamie sorted food

Ben and Jamie from Sorted Food making a sauce for the fried chicken and pandan pancakes.

sorted food ben and barry cooking

Barry and Ben making yummy churros (which were egg and dairy free!).

fried chicken and pandan pancakes sorted food

Check out those pancakes! The pandan smelt delicious – like a mixture between coconut and almond.

rennie medicine box vintage cocktail
And no, that’s not a cigarette packet with my cocktail – it’s a vintage Rennie packet. Can you imagine a world where you had to disguise your indigestion remedy as a packet of cigarettes as those were seen as more ‘normal’?! Unfortunately it wasn’t that long ago!

It was a great evening and we all learnt a lot. At the end of the event, we had our own Mystery Box challenge where blogger names were drawn from the hat and they had to draw their own mystery ingredients! I didn’t get drawn, but I’m excited to see what the other bloggers make!

Thanks so much to the Rennie team for running such a fun event and allowing me to meet lovely bloggers and the wonderful Sorted Food chaps!

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