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I’m known amongst a lot of people that I am great at finding a good bargain and saving money. I just recently resurrected my Hip and Thrifty blog and am hoping to share some of my tips and tricks with you on it. From beauty and fashion to having fun, decor, gifts and more.

I have a lot of family birthdays coming up and although I will try and make a lot of the gifts for them, I also have other tips on how to save money on gifts:

  • Save up your points! I have lots of loyalty cards and save my points for gifts – I gave my niece and nephew presents that I’d bought using Nectar points this Christmas just gone.
  • Use brown paper and ribbon to wrap presents instead of more expensive wrapping paper. This allows you to personalise it a lot more and you can even make a cute tag to go with the rest of the wrapping.
  • Pick up bargains/perfect presents when you see them. A lot of the time trends will come and go, but if you’re in a shop, have the ability to spend some money, and know the gift will be more expensive at any other time, pick it up! I’ve managed to get lots of bargains that way.
  • Bake something! A delicious cake makes a great present. Don’t go overboard with the ingredients – use what you have at home if you can, this way it stops you from spending more.
  • Set a budget. Overall for all of your gifts and a per person budget too. If you save any money on anyone’s present, make sure you keep a note of it or pop it in a jar. It’s great to keep note of all of your savings and to look back on how much you’ve saved.
  • Look for vouchers. Voucher codes and cashback are two of my big things. I like to scour the internet for a bargain and I like to share the information if there’s a great offer. There are some fab cashback deals around and lots of discount codes to find. I like to check places such as Love My Vouchers – the discount code website* amongst others for a code to help me save even more money.

Have you got any money saving tips to share? I hope that the tips I share on my other blog will help you to save money as well as the ones I’ve share with you today!

*this is a sponsored post and I choose to disclose when my posts or links are sponsored

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