Lino Cutting Craft Workshop with Anna Hayman Designs

lino cutting workshop anna hayman

I’ve been into crafts ever since I remember, and now that I’m working on making more time for myself to do more things for me, I’ll be spending more time on crafting. I’d never tried lino cutting, however, so when I was invited to join a group of fellow bloggers and learn how to do so, I jumped at the chance!

anna hayman cup of tea

We were invited by the lovely Anna Hayman, who designs the most gorgeous items using lino prints, to a lino cutting workshop in a stunning house over in Lewes. Anna creates lino prints, from which the pattern is then used for cups, teapots, tea towels, books and more. She specialises in a basic colour palette – orange, red, blue, teal and yellow – which makes her designs look bright and colourful, but also classic.

anna hayman bright patterned fabric

The workshop started with Anna showing us some of the designs and giving us a run down on her previous and current designs. I love hearing about a designer’s process and their history, so really enjoyed this part.

lino cutting craft in lewes

Anna then showed us how to use the lino cutting tools and we had a go at the different cutting techniques on a small piece of practice lino. It was then time to decide on what we’d be doing for our final design. I decided on an arch design (yeah, I’m not exactly sure how to explain… not like a mandala, but kind of), with curves and loops and dots. There I was cutting away, and I cut myself. Not once, but twice! Yep, I jabbed myself in the fingers with the lino cutting tool. Oh joy.

mandala inspired lino cut

Being the committed crafter that I am, I continued. And it was worth it. Once my design was finished, I took it out to the kitchen where Anna inked it up and then pressed my design so that it made a print onto paper. After some pressing and rubbing, we peeled away and revealed my finished design. It was so great to see my hard (and bloody) work in print!

lino cutting print making

lino cutting printing craft

rubbing down lino print

Anna kept some of our designs and beavered away in her studio while we got on with our daily lives. Then one day a gorgeous coloured print turned up – Anna had manipulated our prints and added more colour (in her signature style) and it was so satisfying seeing my work in more than just one colour! I’m still yet to decide where to place this print – I’m thinking it’ll look nice in my bathroom. Once I get a new frame the size of the print, I’ll see how it looks!

blue lino cut prints

mandala inspired lino cutting print

Until then, I’ll leave you with some more images of the gorgeous house in Lewes where the event was held and some more of Anna’s gorgeous products…

stunning pink purple and white flowers

pretty retro blue teacups

stunning white spiral staircase

retro geographical room corner

anna hayman initial printed teacups

anna hayman printed bright teatowels

Thank you so much for inviting me to the wonderful workshop Anna, I’m excited to try some more lino cutting and printing in the future, and this time I’ll make sure not to cut myself!

You can see more of Anna’s designs at the Anna Hayman Designs website.

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    1. It was a lot of fun! And thanks! Lewes is gorgeous – I lived there for 7 years before moving. It’s a pretty place but very small!

    1. It’s such a gorgeous house, right?! You should have seen the upstairs!! And thank you, I’ve got some more work to do on it. but I’m loving having more flexibility with WordPress!

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