Lots of FREE Silhouette Shapes!

As you can see from some of the comments below, this isn’t working anymore 🙁 However, you can still view other ways to get free Silhouette shapes.

I’ve only just found this out, but if you have the Silhouette software, go to the online shop, type in ‘Original 50’ into the search box, and if you look through the results there are lots of free shapes to add to your basket!


Free shapes in the Silhouette Cameo online store to download

There are some great shapes, so make sure that you try this technique today – you will have to scroll down on the first page as the first few results aren’t free, but there are some great ones!



Make sure that you only add the free shapes to your cart, and enjoy! 🙂

I hope you like this new way of finding free Silhouette Cameo shapes to download!

Do you have a Silhouette cutting machine*? Let me know what your favourite Silhouette freebies are in the comments below!

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12 thoughts on “Lots of FREE Silhouette Shapes!”

    1. No problem, it is pretty handy to know! I have lots of other posts about free Silhouette Cameo shapes, as well as a Pinterest board about them so make sure that you check them out 🙂

  1. Someone pinned this post on Pinterest an I followed it here. Went immediately to the Silhouette store and added every free one to my cart. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!! I wouldn't have know about this if you hadn't posted it and if someone hadn't pinned your post. Way cool.

  2. Thanks so much Debby, I am beyond glad that you saw this post and it helped you get lots of free Silhouette shapes! I'm trying to keep on top of the free shape of the week too, so please don't forget to drop by again 🙂

  3. Hi. I just had my very first baby and I am making a scrapbook to keep all her memories. I am pretty new to scrapbooking. I have read a lot about die-cutting machines, but never really owned one (and nobody I know is really into this thing). But, I have heard that they are really very useful for making "all the cute things"… is the Silhouette cameo really as good as the reviews suggest (I have read very strong reviews – mostly good, but some really bad ones too on Amazon). I just would like to hear your experience with the Silhouette cameo… good and bad ones… honest opinions! (I am looking for a durable machine that will be easy to learn and use… preferably not above $600)… can you help me?

  4. I absolutely LOVE the Silhouette Cameo, mainly due to the fact that it is so customisable. I have the pro version of the software which allows me to use all kinds of shapes which are free and make my own designs too. So rather than spending the money on Cricut cartridges etc and them taking up tons of space, I can design exactly what I want.

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