Meat Free February – Week 1

At the start of this month I decided to challenge myself to not eat meat for a month. I ignored the mockery from some people and thought that instead I would be strong and see if I could do it. I have less than a week left, so decided to share with you what I’ve been eating. I haven’t got pictures from every single day as I was away in Manchester last week and was out on Friday and Saturday this week and have excuses from other times, but don’t worry I’ve not slipped up once!

Anyway, I thought that I would share with you what I was eating for the first part of the month:

Vegetarian for a month February 2013

1) Aubergine Parm

2) Mac n cheese

3) Chickpea curry, spiced green beans, rice, bhaji and mango chutney

4) Veggie sushi

5) Veggie pizza

6) Grilled halloumi, homegrown rocket, quinoa and veggies

7) Stuffed peppers with bulgur wheat and lettuce. The peppers were stuffed with bulgur wheat too, and topped with mozzarella.


4 thoughts on “Meat Free February – Week 1”

  1. Amazing! Well done! I've been a vegetarian for years, as has my hubby and many of our family and friends, and I'll never understand why people mock and bully us about it! It's fantastic for your health, the environment, and of course the welfare of the animals… bravo!

  2. Well done you!!! I've been vegi for nearly 10 years now & don't regret it at all, I would never ever go back to eating meat. You do have to learn to live with/ignore other peoples opinions of vegetarians though!! xxx

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