My Favourite Podcasts

My Favourite Podcasts 1

Podcasting is on the up, but it can be difficult to go through the growing number of podcasts and find something that feeds your need! Luckily, I’ve done the hard (!) work, so you don’t have to! So if you’re heading on holiday, going on a road trip, or want something to help you get through another day at the office, you’re sure to find something to entertain and educate.

My Favourite Podcasts

I’ve tried to categorise the podcasts by genre, but a large number of those I listen to are more general, so they cover a wide range of topics. Personally I love this kind of podcast, since there’s always something I’ve not heard about before.

Comedy and Humour

My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast

My Dad Wrote a Porno

This podcast is absolutely hilarious – I can’t wait until it’s ‘porn Monday’ again! Jamie’s Dad self published an erotic book called ‘Belinda Blinked’, and each week he reads though a chapter with his friends… My Dad Wrote a Porno is absolutely hilarious!


thats not metal podcast

That’s Not Metal

I’m not sure if you know, but I’m a bit of a metalhead! I’m not as au fait with the fast-moving music scene, but That’s Not Metal allows me to catch up with the latest news, discussion points, and new releases in the world of metal. It’s funny and informative, what more would you want?!


dear sugar radio podcast

Dear Sugar

Cheryl Strayed might be more famous for her book and movie ‘Wild’, but there’s much more to her than that. Together with Steve Almond, who she took over the Dear Sugar column on The Rumpus from, she discusses letters and email sent in from readers and listeners. The Sugars handle each situation with depth and empathy, making each episode of Dear Sugar Radio a joy to listen to, no matter the situation the letter writer is dealing with.

News, Politics and Factual

Invisibilia podcast


Invisibilia gives an intelligent insight into the ideas, beliefs, emotions and assumptions that control human behaviour. I love how the host Lulu Miller handles issues with compassion.

Freakonomics Radio podcast

Freakonomics Radio

I’m a fan of the books ‘Freakonomics’ and ‘Superfreakonomics’, and this podcast is hosted by one of the authors, Stephen Dubner. In each episode of Freakonomics Radio he explores different socioeconomic issues and highlights “the hidden side of everything”.

Not Your Milk Podcast

Not Your Milk

Not Your Milk is a great animal rights podcast hosted by Jamie Paton. Each episode explores the journey to veganism that each of the interviewees took, and I enjoy the points of discussion that Jamie makes with each of his guests.

Undisclosed podcast


Famous for covering the issues that Serial could not, Undisclosed started off as a follow up to what Serial covered on the case of Adnan Syed. Undisclosed has since moved on from Adnan’s case and explores wrongful convictions and the criminal justice system in the US.

Ground Ego podcast

Ground Ego

Ground Ego is a podcast based in the UK, giving intelligent thoughts and opinions on current issues, mainly surrounding UK politics and culture. The most recent episode covers Brexit, and how the presenters view the result of the EU Referendum. Ground Ego not only includes intelligent discussion on matters affecting the Black British community and the UK in general, but the presenters offer humour alongside the serious points of discussion.


Scroobius Pips Distraction Pieces podcast

Scroobius Pip’s Distraction Pieces

Each week I listen to Distraction Pieces with an open mind. I don’t always know or think I like the people interviewed, but by the end of Pip’s interviews with them I usually think otherwise and understand where they are coming from. I really enjoy the selection of different people that Scroobius Pip interviews, many of whom are from the UK entertainment world.

Girl Power

Girlboss Radio podcast

GirlBoss Radio

It’s always great to hear positive stories about female entrepreneurs and business people. GirlBoss Radio is where you can hear these, with a twist of humour, as this podcast is presented by Nastygal’s Sophia Amoruso and Liz Carey. My favourite inspiring females who the pair have already interviewed so far include Glozell Green, Beth Comstock, Christine Day, Moj Mahdara, Jessica Koslow, and Sarah Wilkinson. I’ve yet to listen to some of the very early episodes, one of which features Grace Helbig – I’m interested to hear this one!

Stuff Mom Never Told You Podcast

Stuff Mom Never Told You

I’ve learnt so much about so many different historical and social issues from listening to Stuff Mom Never Told You. Cristen and Caroline discuss issues through history and recent issues with an intersectional slant. If you want to open your mind about issues, this is the podcast to listen to!

Ctrl Alt Delete podcast

Ctrl Alt Delete

As someone who has spent most of her life online, I can totally relate to Emma Gannon (although I’m quite a bit older than she!) and really enjoy listening to her podcast, Ctrl Alt Delete. Each episode features a interview with a different person who has made success from their online presence, and Emma has so far interviewed people such as Zoella, Laurie Penny, Liv Purvis, Tyler Ford, Julia White, and Cheryl Strayed.

I’d love to hear what your favourite podcasts are, and if you haven’t listened to one before, I highly recommend it. I usually listen to mine at work, before I go to sleep, or on the train if I have to go to London for work meetings. Let me know in the comments below what your favourites are!

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  1. Love this post! I listen to a lot of Podcasts – mainly food and fitness ones though. Although I do like Freakonomics! Gonna give Girl Boss a listen, sounds like something I will really enjoy 🙂

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