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Personal Safety Tips Tricks Hacks

NB: This isn’t a sponsored post, I’m not writing this because I’ve been told to or asked to. I’m writing this because I want to.

Personal safety is incredibly important. It’s important for every single one of us. Whether we’re male, female, cis, trans, young, old, tall, short, streetwise, or lesser so. Anything could happen to anyone.

Personal Safety Tips

If you’re at all worried about your safety at any time, do not hesitate in calling the police. You have a right to get in touch with them, as they are here to help us. If you are scared enough to have to shake someone off by going into a cafe, shop or similar, you must call them, preferably using 999. I was told by a police officer that they will then assess the situation and react however necessary.

The advice telling us to stay in well lit, busy streets is all well and good, but I recently experienced something which was a near miss, and was in a busy, well lit shopping area. There are other things you need to keep in mind, and combining tips from the police and charities such as the Suzie Lamplugh Trust will help you stay safe.

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Avoid danger spots

This is a big one. If it’s dark or you just feel unsafe, stay away from stairwells and alleyways. Try and find a more open route to your destination.

The Met Office state that these are the top 5 most at risk spots:

  • Transport hubs and stations.
  • Crowded places / rush hour
  • ATM and cash machine locations
  • Cafés, restaurants, pubs and clubs.
  • Schools, colleges and universities

Your belongings matter less than your life

Don’t be over-protective of your belongings. Your life is more important than your new phone – that can always be replaced. Also, make sure you have mobile phone and/or gadget insurance. It doesn’t need to be bought separately, if you have home contents insurance you can call your provider up to check that you have coverage of your phone, tablet, and also your bag.

Spread your belongings

Speaking of belongings, make sure that you spread your valuables. Try not to keep your phone, purse, tablet and keys all together. Yes, it’s handy to keep everything in a handbag or backpack, but you can keep items in jeans and coat pockets too.

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If drinking, make sure you’re extra safe

If you’re going out for drinks, or taking drugs, it’s even more important to stay safe. Make sure you get a taxi from a reputable firm if you’re looking at going home alone. Don’t walk home alone from pubs, clubs and parties. If you need to take a bus, train or get the tube, make sure that you sit near the driver or conductor.

Carry a portable charger for your phone

Phone battery extenders are getting cheaper and cheaper now – you can get a decent one for around £20. Make sure that you always keep a charged one on you – just pop it in a pocket of your bag and use as and when you can. When you get home, you can stick it back on charge and put it back in the bag you use.

Invest in a personal alarm

You can order personal alarms online for less than £10 plus postage. I’m yet to get one again since I’ve lost one my Nan gave me after a few moves, but I feel as though getting one to put on my keys or somewhere will be a good idea.

And if you still feel fearful, follow my advice above with regards to contacting the police.

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  1. I hate being out at night, so much to be aware of. I try not to be out alone and drag the husband or friend with me. Although in saying that, something can just as easily happen in the day! I hope you're ok after your near miss. Scary times.

    Honestly Aine

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