November Wishlist – Non Craft!


November wishlist adventure time onesie barry m

I thought I would share with you some of the things that I have my eye on right now. There are some really cute things around at the moment, or at least I think so! As you can see, I am a big Adventure Time fan and think that the vest top and the cup are ideal for Zumba. I already have a Marceline mug for my new job, so why not add to my collection at least – my thoughts anyway…

The rest of the wishlist contents are perfect for Autumn and Winter evenings – even the straws as I have taken up the habit of drinking my water and Ribena through them lately… might as well sip through something pretty, right?

Here are the goodies that have got my heart set on, with links just in case you wish to treat yourself or buy them as a gift yourself:

Top Row

Bottom Row

4 thoughts on “November Wishlist – Non Craft!”

    1. I decided that in this cold house I really needed a onesie, and not many place do ones long enough – here's hoping the Next tall onesie comes through for me! Will order once I have some more money 🙂

      Yes, the cup is adorable, I can't get enough of Adventure Time!

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