Delicious Pasties Recipe

Delicious Pasties Recipe 1

 (Please excuse the uneven colouring, I didn’t have much luck with the light or editing!!)

I have posted a lot of ‘makes’ this week and I hope to continue to make at least one thing every week, if not a lot more!

We made pasties using Paul Hollywood’s pastry recipe and they turned out to be delish! These are perfect for packed lunches, picnics, lunch, dinner and snacks! There’s no recipe as such, apart from for the pastry, which is Paul’s one (and pretty darned fabulous) but I took photos of the process to share with you guys at least!

Delicious Pasties Recipe 2


Delicious Pasties Recipe 3


Delicious Pasties Recipe 4


Delicious Pasties Recipe 5

Of course, the possibilities for fillings are endless. Note that I didn’t call them Cornish Pasties as there are special rules for a pasty to be considered ‘Cornish’!

Have you ever made pasties before? What should I make next?


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  1. I love pasties, but I always make them with a regular handle-as-little-as-possible pie pastry. I've never tried a pastry like this that you actually knead (and for several minutes, at that)!

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