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scarlett jewellery

The lovely people at Scarlett jewellery in Hove kindly invited me and some other Brighton bloggers along to their studio to meet their team and see some of their gorgeous jewellery in person.

As a crafter, it’s always so interesting to see behind the scenes of businesses, particularly those who design and make all of their own product. It gives you more of a personal connection with the brand, I feel.

Their workspace is well decorated and inspiring, just like any creative area should be.

luxury is in each detail

Hands up who wants this desk as their own at home? Not just me then!

scarlett jewellery desk

You won’t find any cheap, imported jewellery sold by Scarlett – it is all designed and handmade in house, and it’s simply gorgeous. They offer gold, silver, white and rose gold jewellery, many of which is (or can be) personalised, and all of it is made using traditional methods.

scarlett jewellery collections

Scarlett have a number of different collections, each of which has its own style and meaning behind it:

Superstar Collection (pictured below) – This collection is new for 2016 and features contemporary star shaped silver and gold jewellery which is perfect for giving to someone in your life who has been (or continues to be) a complete and utter superstar.

One Love Collection – This collection reflects eternal love, and features gold and silver loops, engraved with ‘one love’.

Rose Gold Collection – Handmade in sterling silver and solid rose gold, the Rose Gold collection features timeless pieces that are made to last.

Traveller Collection – Hailed as a ‘modern day St Christopher’, the Traveller Collection features travel themed charms which make perfect gifts for those who love to travel.

Eclipse Collection – The Eclipse Collection brings together contemporary and classic, asymmetrical  jewellery design. As the name suggests, this collection (which is available in sterling silver mixed with gold and rose gold) is inspired by eclipses!

Sweethearts Collection – The Sweethearts Collection features delicate hearts added to sterling silver bracelets, bangles, necklaces, earrings, and their unique heart charm rings.

Family Collection – A symbol of family devotion, the Family Collection features a nest of two pendants and is a great gift for a parent, or for someone who has just had a baby.

Que Sera Collection – This collection is a talismanic and quirky, modern day version of worry beads. Each charm is inscribed with ‘que sera’ and is the ideal gift for those who like me, are very prone to worrying and getting anxious. Having something to fiddle with can help distract you at certain times.

Touch Collection – This collection features tactile textures on simple pieces, and would make an ideal gift for someone who likes classic styles with a slight twist.

scarlett superstar jewellery

Alongside the collections, Scarlett also sell classic pieces and personalised jewellery so that you can inscribe pieces with meaningful messages for your giftee.

I absolutely love the whole ethos behind Scarlett jewellery, and if you’re shopping during this Black Friday weekend, you’ll see that they have some amazing offers on their products, with discounts of up to 35%!

What would you choose if you were buying from Scarlett, and who would you buy for? I’d love to know – why not tell me in the comments below?


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