Birthday loveliness

Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes, it’s strange to think that I am no longer in my 20s!

On my birthday I had a yummy breakfast of waffles with chopped banana, maple syrup, and sprinkles! Very indulgent, but it only comes once a year, right?

Birthday loveliness 1

I then had a very relaxing afternoon before getting ready for a nice meal and a get-together with some of my lovely friends. Five of us had food at Pho in Brighton and then went onto the pub where others soon joined us.

I never expect any gifts from people, I’m not really that kind of girl who expects a Mulberry handbag. However, I was super lucky and received some wonderful gifts which were very well thought-out. That’s what really mattered to me, that people made the effort to get me things that they thought I would appreciate, that would be totally me. Alongside these spoils I also received some money towards my new Winter coat (a lush duffle coat from Topshop). I feel so lucky and loved, which are both feelings that I struggle with. I will one day explain why, but at the moment it’s too difficult to come to terms with. Anyhow, I’m sure you’d like to see what I received:

Birthday loveliness 2

Aren’t I lucky? And if you look closely, you’ll see there are presents which tie up with some of the things on my list to do in the next year!

I know I’m more than lucky. I am learning to love my new life, and I have some great people in it.