Why I Chose a Vegan Diet and Lifestyle

why vegan diet lifestyle

Towards the end of last year I transitioned to being fully vegan, and I’ve honestly found it easier than many thought it would be! I’m slowly adding more and more vegan oriented content on my blog – you’ll see these changes slowly happen, since as I’ve mentioned before, this blog is not a food blog. It’s more a reflection of my life – things I love, and that includes food.

As it’s now such a  big part of who I am, I thought I’d explain some of the reasons why I chose to live a vegan lifestyle — and no, there won’t be any graphic pictures of animal mistreatment to make you feel sad (I know what goes on and don’t need to see things like that to remind me).
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Getting Physical at Brighton Fitness First

Getting physical at Fitness First Brighton

I’m no stranger to fitness – I love attending my favourite zumba class and recently did a 3 hour zumbathon for The Martlets Hospice. I also enjoy going to balates class at my local Sweaty Betty, and when the weather’s nice enough I’ll be back to hula hooping now that we have a garden. So when Fitness First invited me to have a look around their Brighton gym and have a personal training session, I jumped at the chance.

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