Vegan Goan Curry Recipe

Vegan Goan Sweet Potato Curry Recipe

I recently attended a vegan cookery class at Brighton Cookery School (full review coming soon) where we got to make a DELICIOUS vegan curry. The curry is Goan style, and you can make it as spicy as you want. It is packed full of nutrients as it is made with sweet potato, yellow split peas, and tomatoes – 3 of my favourite things!

The recipe can easily feed 3, with extra helpings, and I recommend that it’s served with basmati rice, bombay aloo, and poori – yum!

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Vegan Options at The Smugglers Rest, Peacehaven

Vegan Options at The Smugglers Rest, Peacehaven

Vegan Options at Vintage Inns Smugglers Rest Peacehaven

Just outside of Brighton lies the suburbs of Peacehaven and Telscombe Cliffs. Despite not being in central Brighton, you’ll still find some great options here, including The Road Shack Cafe and The Smugglers Rest. I was invited by Vintage Inns to review the vegan options offered at The Smugglers Rest, which is owned by them, and had recently introduced a range of delicious sounding vegan options.

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Delicious Cherry Juice Mocktail Recipes

Delicious Cherry Mocktail Recipes

I’m not  a big drinker, so when I go out with friends, I usually turn to lime and soda, fruit juices, or if I’m feeling more ‘fancy’, mocktails. As a big fan of cherries (alongside lime and watermelon, they are my favourite fruit flavours), I thought I’d share a couple of delicious mocktail recipes with you to enjoy, especially if you’re as much of a fan as cherries as I am.

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