Sunday lovin’… Things I loved in ….March

March favourites at Tea, Cake and Make

Hi everyone!

I thought that I would do this as an item – I’d love to keep it up on a monthly basis, but I thought I’d try and do a recap of things I loved in March. This doesn’t just cover crafty bits , baking or tea, but I think it will probably include some anyway!

So, here we go for March:

  • eBay bargains

I’ve been selling lots of bits and bobs on eBay recently (I’ve added more today, so check them out if you fancy a craft bargain!) and as well as using the money I’ve made to fund my life in general I’ve made a few purchases. I like to buy bits and bobs sent from Asia – there are some great cheap craft items online and I’ve picked up some really nice crafty bits from here

chai tea spices

  • Chai tea

The lovely people at Teapigs delivered a big set of samples to my office alongside lots of lovely discount vouchers! The developers were incredibly pleased to see me deliver them some yummy free tea as the ‘office tea fairy’ and I have to say that the top tea in the office was the chai! I for one really loved the tea and although Teapigs is a little out of my budget right now, I bought myself a big box of 50 bags from another brand to last me a while 🙂 I love to enjoy a nice cup with a splash of unsweetened almond milk.

  • Zumba classes

I started going to zumba classes at the start of the month and although I’m not recognising an obvious change in my figure just yet, I’m really enjoying it! The girls in my class are friendly and enthusiastic and there is a great selection of songs chosen by the teacher. I go to Brighton Zumba and love that I can book and pay online!

  • Spring themed nails

I’ve been enjoying painting my nails in pastel and spring colours as I’ve not really felt too ‘Spring like’ and I needed a bit of a boost! Painting my nails in light blue, mint green, orange, light pink and lilac have all cheered me up – on their own or together!

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