Sunday Lovin’ – Travel, Sushi and Organisation!

making yummy sushi

I’ve not been around for a bit and apologies for that but last week I visited friends in Wales, which was lovely. I thought I would share with you some of the things that I am loving right now as there are lots of fab things out there to buy or to just enjoy, so let’s get on with it.

wooden storage unit argos

First off I am loving organising my crafts, as you can see from the picture above, I recently got this fab storage unit from Argos. I don’t have the money to buy the larger style storage units but this one is a great price (£34.99) and as you can see it holds lots of stuff!

I will be having a sort out of my crafts this week and will soon be showing you how I like to store my craft materials – so you will see more of this unit in another post very soon!

yummy home made sushi

Making sushi is another thing that I’m loving right now. Whilst in Cardiff I got to enjoy beautiful weather and enjoyed lots of tasty, fresh and healthy food. I wrote a post last year about making sushi, so check that out if you love sushi too!

home grown garden beetroot rocket turnips

home grown garden broccoli kale

Growing veggies at home. You can see that we have rocket (arugula), turnip and beetroot in the top picture and kale, broccoli and purple sprouting broccoli in the bottom. Do any of you have a vegetable patch in your garden? If you’re a budding veggie grower then I suggest that you check out my friend Pete’s Vegetablism Facebook page as it documents his and his allotment companion’s escapades!

portaventura hotel fountain girl

PortAventura Theme Park. I paid a visit there last month through work and I love the place. The hotels are sumptuous (the one pictured above is the Hotel Gold River – a western themed delight) and you get to drink beer in the park which is always fun! The shows are great – I wasn’t expecting a lot of the things that I saw. Oh, and the rides? Man, they are good. Shambhala is the highest rollercoaster in Europe and an awesome ride! Well worth the visit and I do want to go back on my own or with friends to fully experience it all.

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