Rose and Grants – A Glasgow Must Visit – Especially for Vegans!

Rose and Grants Vegan Options Review

One of the things that I was really looking forward to on our trip to Scotland, was to try some delicious breakfast food! Having breakfast out is a treat we usually keep to holidays and special occasions, so what better way to enjoy something delicious than on holiday in Glasgow. I’d read a lot about Rose and Grants and how vegan friendly they are, so had to make sure they were on our to visit list.

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Bread Meats Bread Review – Vegan Friendly Glasgow

Bread Meats Bread Vegan Review

When someone who is unaware of what the place serves hears the words Bread Meats Bread, they don’t automatically think vegan friendly eatery. However, this city centre based restaurant is a joy for omnivores and vegans alike!

In anticipation of a trip to Glasgow and Edinburgh, I made a list of all of the places I wanted to visit, and eat at! Bread Meats Bread was one of my priorities, and we made sure to pay it a visit on the first night in the city.

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