The Chocolate House Kendal Review

After I’d been to The Mill Day courtesy of PaperMillDirect I spent the Saturday morning in Kendal, having a look around the gorgeous little town. I know for sure that I’ll be visiting the town again and hopefully this will be in 2013.

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The Chocolate House, Kendal. Source

Whilst wandering I not only found that there was a raptor charity with some of their rescues in one of the malls, but I also discovered The Chocolate House. What a cute place! The building itself dates back to the 17th Centry and with real fittings, tiny doors and low ceilings, this charming place has a hot chocolate room (rather than a tea room, but you can still have tea!) and then a chocolate shop in the cellar. As a chocoholic I was in heaven!

The Chocolate House Kendal Review 2

(apologies for the Instagram image, I did take some pics with my DSLR too!)

I didn’t have lots of money but I thought that I’d treat myself. The Chocolate House has a vast selection of different types of hot chocolate and I went for the cherry version of the hot chocolate. I cannot for the life of me remember what it is called, bad blogger! But cherry and chocolate on their own are two of my favourite things, so combined it was pretty much heaven for me. I also had a Malteaser slice, which was gorgeous, I need to be able to make my own version of this soon, that’s for sure.

As you can see from the photo, you not only get a cherry flavoured hot chocolate but two maraschino cherries which add even more to the flavour. If it wasn’t so far away I can see that it would become a habit for me to treat myself here every now and again. I didn’t have enough money on me to try some of the chocolates from the shop below, but I think next time I may have to try a couple!

Now to work my way around some local tea rooms – wish me luck!

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