Twinings Butter Mint Sensation (Intensely Buttermint) Tea Review


Twinings Butter Mint Sensation (Intensely Buttermint) Tea Review 1


You guys, you guys. I must ask you to stop whatever you’re doing and listen. This tea is amazing. Like the amazing that I tell everyone to try this amazing. The smell and taste is just like butter mints and I am going crazy for it.

Twinings Intensely Buttermint Tea

I think this might become an addiction. What Twinings* have done is combined peppermint, natural mint flavouring, natural vanilla flavouring and some others too (which they haven’t named – come on guys, we need to know what’s in our food and drink!) and it has resulted in a beautiful, sweet and refreshing tea.

If you’re feeling tired, are craving sweets but know you shouldn’t have some, or you just need something delicious to drink, then this tea is it. I might just have to buy a load and fill my desk drawer with it… it’s that good.

So yes, Twinings Butter Mint Sensation* tea is for sure one of my ‘holy grail’ teas. Delicious, delightful and pleasing. Go ahead, you know you want to try it too!

Addendum – this tea is now  called Intensely Buttermint, and if you’ve tried it. you”ll know why! 2 years on and it’s still one of my favourite teas! Yum.

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