Vegan Review of Hanoi Bike Shop, Glasgow

Hanoi Bike Shop Glasgow Vegan Options

Hanoi Bike Shop is known for fresh, delicious Vienamese cuisine in the Hillhead area of Glasgow – but how do their vegan options fare? We paid them a visit while holidaying in Glasgow, and I thought it would be a good idea to share what we ate and how we found their food to fare!

Since Glasgow is vegan heaven, we had so many options while visiting: Bread Meats Bread, Rose and Grants, Pizza Punks and more, all offer vegan options on their main menu. These are places that have vegan options as standard, and those options were delicious. We were getting to the end of our trip, but still had a massive list of places we wanted to try. High up there was Hanoi Bike Shop. Just looking at the menu made us both feel hungry, so we decided to go and give them a try!

hanoi bike shop

About Hanoi Bike Shop

You’ll find Hanoi Bike Shop tucked away down a cobbled mews (Ruthven Lane, just off Byres Road) in the West End of Glasgow. It’s quite a small place, but this small is beautiful! Don’t feel as though the shortage of space is reflective of the quality of food – it’s not.

All food at Hanoi Bike Shop is freshly made, including their organic tofu! You can order  small plates and dishes, or you can have pay £19.95 each for a group of 4 to have a selection of plates to choose from. We went for a small selection of dishes that took our fancy.

(NB: As you can see from the photos, the light wasn’t amazing, but I tried to capture what I could of our food!)

hanoi bike shop vegan options tofu

Dau Hu Chien Sot Tieu – Black Pepper Tofu

We really loved this fresh-on-the-day organic tofu, with black pepper sauce, served with pickled mushroom and crispy shallots.

black pepper tofu hanoi bike shop

Banh Cu Cai Dau Nanh – Daikon & Soya Bean Cakes

These comforting, crispy cakes were served with birds eye chilli, spring onion, and topped with crispy shallots.

daikon soya bean cakes hanoi bike shop

Sup Lo Ran – Chilli and Cauliflower Fritters

Although made with chilli, these delicious fritters weren’t overly spicy, and paired with the vegan nuoc chay sauce and lettuce leaves, these were tasty.

chilli and cauliflower fritters vegan


There currently aren’t any vegan dessert options; this is something that would be really nice to end a meal on though, even if it’s just a refreshing sorbet.


Overall we enjoyed the food at Hanoi Bike Shop – it was super tasty, and not too expensive. The atmosphere was busy, but I felt a little over-flustered at times, particularly since we were sat by the bar and kitchen area on a very small table. If we went again, I would try to make sure that we had a little more space and were sat away from the kitchen area.


Have you been to Hanoi Bike Shop before? What did you try and how did you find it?



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