Beer Throughout the Year with a Beer52 Subscription Gift

Beer 52 ale gift subscription

Beer 52 ale gift subscription

A beer subscription is the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life – what better than a monthly delivery of expertly chosen beers delivered straight to your door? I recently received a delivery from Beer52, an awesome beer subscription company. Read on to hear what my partner thought about the box, the beer, why you should give a subscription as a gift, and how you can get FREE BEER*!!

Buying beer as a gift, even for the most beer-loving beer enthusiast in your life, has always been fraught with complexity. For one thing, beer doesn’t enjoy the same luxury status as wine or spirits so you might worry that your gift will look a bit measly. For another, there is an eye-watering amount of choice available these days in supermarkets and off licences, so much so that even the best informed ale connoisseur might start to sweat.

Luckily, some clever people in Edinburgh, Scotland called Beer 52* may have just the solution to your problem. Beer 52 send out a hand-picked monthly selection of small batch craft beer to your door every month. Each new box features different beers made by an array of brewers and producers from around the United Kingdom, meaning that even the best informed beer buff is unlikely to ever get bored.

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Beer 52* asked me if I would like to sample one of their monthly deliveries and naturally, I said yes. I knew it wouldn’t disappoint: after all, who doesn’t want eight specially selected beers being brought to their door by someone else? But it went further than that. The box is sturdy, stylish and well-constructed and, in addition to your beer you will receive a free snack – there’s a different one to try every month and mine featured a delicious pack of chilli-flavour roasted seeds – and Beer 52’s exclusive Ferment magazine full of facts and features about the people who have made the contents of your box.

I was particularly impressed with the communication. Beer 52 provide full tracking on the package, as well as email and text updates about the status of your delivery. When my box arrived, it was more or less to the exact minute that they had told me it would appear. Beer 52 will also send your hooch to your office, if you are concerned that you will not be home to intercept your postman.

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My favourite thing about the selection was the variety of beer on offer. I received a Mixed Box, which contained light table ales, craft lagers, hoppy dark bitters and rich stouts. The best of the bunch was the coffee-flavoured stout, a decadent and delicious treat. If dark beer isn’t to your taste, though, Beer 52 also offer a selection of light beers only.

Beer is for life and not just for Christmas, but I have to say that a monthly Beer 52 subscription could be a tempting gift for a loved one during the festive season. Prices start at a monthly fee £24 for eight beers or £29 for ten, every 28 days. If you like, you can also get 3, 6 or 12 month memberships which will reduce the cost of a box to as little as £21 per month. This is comparable to the prices that you’d be paying in the shops for the mass-produced ales from larger breweries, without any of the hassle. And with a free magazine! And nuts, chips or crisps! Long-term members will grow accustomed to finding additional treats and toys squirreled away inside their monthly delivery, too, as rewards for their continued patronage.

In terms of quality, variety, flexibility, contactability or price, it is difficult to imagine a beer delivery service getting any better than this.

Fancy £12 off your first month of Beer52? Sign up using my link* right now! Free beer?! You know it makes sense!


Disclaimer: The product reviewed in this post was sent to me for review purposes, however, all thoughts and words are my own. There are referral links in this post (marked with *) – if you sign up using my link* you will receive £12 off your first Beer52 order. If you become a full paying member then I will receive free beer too!

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