vegan poutine bread meats bread glasgow

Keen on Vegan

I’ve been vegan for over 2 years now, having changed my diet and lifestyle for a number of reasons. You can read more about my decision to go vegan in my blog post ‘Why I Chose a Vegan Diet and Lifestyle‘.

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Vegan Cooking and Eating Out

vegan poutine bread meats bread glasgow

I enjoy vegan cooking – well, I say that, but my husband is the cook, and I’m the baker. I absolutely love experimenting in the kitchen, and playing around with vegan substitutes for traditional ingredients. Despite my husband not currently being vegan, he cooks delicious vegan food, and even did vegan catering for our wedding. Yep, he cooked all of our wedding food! Very brave, and very talented.

As well as cooking and baking at home, we also enjoy reviewing vegan options at restaurants, and of course, vegan restaurants.

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Vegan Beauty and Lifestyle

It’s not just food that changes when going vegan – steps are taken to remove animal products from clothes, shoes, beauty products, make up, and cleaning materials.

Vegan Blog Posts

Want to know more? Check out some of my most recent vegan blog posts below:

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