Silhouette Cameo… oh

I buy a silhouette cameo

As a keen papercrafter, I’m always looking for the newest, best functioning piece of equipment that can meet my crafting needs. Along comes the Silhouette Cameo, and I’m drooling. A low cost digital cutting machine that can cut card, sticker paper, fabric and vinyl? My kind of craft dream. So how am I feeling about it now?

I ordered a Silhouette Cameo last weekend and it was delivered on Thursday. I have been testing it out and have mixed feelings about it. I seem to have made my blade blunt already, and now the new blade doesn’t want to cut anything, so I am yet again emailing customer services to see what I am doing wrong.

I say again, because on Thursday night I was getting incredibly worked up. I was sending all sorts of designs to the cutter, and it was cutting things that did not look like what they are meant to!! Luckily, they have excellent customer services, and after a couple of emails they called me and talked me through the process because basically I was putting the carrier sheet in incorrectly. I’m hoping they can help me this time too. I have ordered 2 spare blades and hope that they come soon, and that my frustrations are eased, because I really want my relationship with it to be a good one!

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