Restaurant Review: The New Club Brighton

Best burger in Brighton - New Club Dirty Burger

It was my birthday the other weekend and my friends wanted to go out for dinner. After hearing a lot about The New Club, we decided to book a table, and goodness me we were not disappointed. I’d read about The New Club in Shortlist Magazine and really wanted to try what they’d deemed the best burgers in the whole of the UK.

Tom and his team at The New Club work seriously hard and are pioneers in the food industry right now. Forget Heston Blumenthaal, Tom is the cooler, more attractive and innovative lad on the block. I went for the ‘Dirty Burger’ with extra bacon and ohmygoodness it was such a treat. The fresh brioche bun had the right amount of crunch and the patty was mindblowing. So good. I cannot actually think of how to describe how much love I had for the food without getting rather inappropriate, but to keep it PG-13 it was simply divine!

Best cocktails in Brighton - The New Club

Accompanying our meals we’d all gone for cocktails. I ordered the Cherry Cola Bottle and after letting my friends all try a sip, they all followed suit. It is pictured above and goodness me, I could bathe in it each and every day. My friend Ian ordered a bacony cocktail – The Breakfast Club, which was like a Bloody Mary with an extra oomph ie bacon! I tried it even though I was slightly scared of what it may taste like, but I was not disappointed. It was so good. A perfect savoury cocktail!

Best cocktails in Brighton - The New Club

I cannot recommend The New Club enough and if I let myself go I could preach about it all day and night. I am so glad that this place is in my fair city, and that it serves the best burgers in Brighton, if not the best burgers in the UK! I see big things for The New Club and expect it to be one of those places where you queue just to get a reservation.

Now to try to stop thinking about the food for my zumba class…. and to start looking forward to the day that I try their breakfasts!


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  1. This sounds amazing!!! As a veggie, I am much more excited about the cocktails (sans bacon) but there's nothing stopping me from having a liquid dinner (/breakfast) whilst Tom scarfs down a dirty burger, right? xxx

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