Purezza – Brighton and London Vegan Pizza Review

Purezza Best Vegan Pizza in Brighton

I’ve been going to Purezza since they first launched, and they’ve gone through quite a few menu improvements and physical restaurant improvements over the last couple of years. However, I’d not been since the last facelift, so was excited to be invited to give their newest menu a try! And yes, I brought my non-vegan husband with me!

Now, Purezza sell themselves as ‘plant pioneers’ – unlike some of the vegan pizza places in Brighton that I’ve previously reviewed (such as Morelli Zorelli and Fatto a Mano), Purezza is purely plant based, so everything served there is vegan. So if you’re vegan, have dairy or egg allergy or intolerance, you need not worry about cross contamination or anything like that – Purezza is safe for you. They also have lots of lovely gluten free options, so if you’re a gluten free vegan, or just looking for good gluten free pizza in Brighton, you’re in luck here!

purezza vegan pizza menu

Starters – Olives and Vegetable Crisps

Starter wise, we opted for the marinated olives, and vegetable crisps. I really loved the vegetable crisps – if you’re into luxury vegetable crisps, such as ones from Tyrells, you’re in for a treat here. These are next level vegetable crisps – fresh and crunchy!

Main Course – Vegan Pizza and Vegan Burger

Couch Potato Vegan Pizza

purezza brighton couch potato pizza

I’ve recently gotten into the idea of a ‘white’ pizza a lot more. I was never really interested into them before, but I wanted something a little different. The ‘Couch Potato’ pizza caught my eye, so I decided to give that a try.

The Couch Potato vegan pizza  is a white pizza base (ie no sauce), topped with smoked mozzarella, pea pancetta, Sicilian fried aubergine, roasted potatoes, and basil.

After a bout of illness, this pizza is just what I needed. It was delicious, and I’ve pretty much fallen for the pea pancetta – it really is delicious.

The Big Smoke Vegan Burger

purezza brighton vegan pizza burger

Non-vegan husband chose The Big Smoke burger – he loves a good vegan burger, and was interested in the pizza dough roll. Yep, you read it correctly; instead of a roll or bun, the burger was wrapped with a pizza base!

The Big Smoke vegan burger comprises of a pea protein burger with smoked mozzarella , fried aubergine, rocket, mayo & a caramelised onion & beet sauce. It’s also served with a side of the vegetable crisps I mentioned earlier. YUM.

Here’s his thoughts on The Big Smoke:

I’m a big fan of vegan burgers, particularly the Linda McCartney ¼ pounder burger. I was hoping that this burger would be similar to that. It was, but not quite. I thought the pea protein burger was delicious (as was the pancetta – had to give that a try!), but it didn’t quite meet my holy grail vegan burger. It was pretty delicious though, and if I could choose between having a burger in a roll, or wrapped with pizza dough, I’ll choose the pizza dough every time!

Dessert – Chocolate Calzone and Oreo Pizza

purezza vegan chocolate calzone

For dessert, we decided to try two of the things on our hitlist: chocolate calzone, and Oreo pizza! Purezza also serve a raw vegan tiramisu, gelato, and a chocolate brownie served with a chocolate sauce.

The chocolate calzone was delicious – it’s a pizza dough calzone, containing creamy hazelnut chocolate, walnuts, and pistachios.

purezza vegan oreo dessert pizza

But the Oreo pizza – oh my goodness. A pizza base, topped with the same creamy hazelnut chocolate, Oreos, and drizzled with vegan mascarpone and chocolate sauces. It was so delicious. Heavenly. The perfect thing to end a meal on!


Have you been to Purezza before? What was your favourite part of the menu?

Where do you think deserves the best vegan pizza in Brighton crown? Let me know in the comments below!


Thank you to Purezza for treating us to this meal. Although our food was complimentary, all words and opinions are my own.


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Purezza - Best Vegan Pizza in Brighton

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