Sunday Lovin’ – Poorly Pick Me Ups

Hello everyone!

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that I haven’t been feeling too well over the past few days and have had little more energy to just lay in bed… I was very unwell on Friday night and did not get to sleep until Saturday morning when the sun was rising – not nice!

With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the things I am loving this Sunday to pick me up from being poorly – or at least things I can dream about having or doing whilst still in my sick bed 🙁

Here are the things that have been getting me through my rough few days:

things to have when unwell

Mints, peppermint tea, rich tea biscuits, new Cadburys chocolate, great movies

I also thought that I’d share things that are on my radar once I have some money in my pocket again. I’m hoping to pop some more things onto eBay, so make sure you keep an eye on my Twitter for when I’ll be popping things on there, just in case you are looking for a bargain. Can you see there is a colour theme popping up?!

red pink wishlist

 ‘Brand New Day’ mug by Bread & Jam, vintage ephemera pack, diamond/ruby brooch from Designosaur, chambray shirt from Topshop tall section, Essie nail polish in ‘watermelon’, Basic Grey Mint Julep ‘Alvina’ scrapbook paper from Sarah’s Cards

I’m hoping to get out of bed soon if just for some fresh air and to wash my hair, but I feel as though I am getting better already and I shall be posting my other turkey related recipe tomorrow!

Have a relaxing Sunday x

2 thoughts on “Sunday Lovin’ – Poorly Pick Me Ups”

  1. Chocolate makes any bad day a whole lot better, doesn't it? Cupcakes do a pretty good job too 😉
    I'm sorry you're not feeling well… hope you feel better soon!

  2. I hope you feel better soon (I feel your pain on the illness front- currently on day 7 of Cold From Hell). Movies, chocolate, and mint tea are working wonders for me too- I hope you can manage a shower soon as newly washed hair always makes me feel slightly more human when I'm sick! xx

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