Why Self Care and Physical Fitness are Mutually Beneficial

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Maintaining your physical fitness is really important for self care. Whether that means going to fitness classes, the gym, gentle exercise at home, or going for walks, it all counts. It’s not just exercise that can be beneficial for your physical fitness – massages and baths can also help through helping your blood vessels work more efficiently and also by relieving stress and muscle tension.

But what if you have people telling you your aches and pains are down to getting older? Would that stop you from trying to improve your physical fitness, putting it down to wear and tear of your body? Let’s explore why this shouldn’t be the case for many…

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Self Care Ideas – Treat Yourself to a Subscription

self care subscriptions guide

If you’ve read my blog so far this year, you’ll know that my aim for 2017 is to invest more in self care. I actually wrote a post explaining a little more about this, which you can read here: ‘What is Self Care and Why is it my 2017 Focus?‘. In it, I explored some of the ways in which you can invest in self care, one of which was to sign up to a monthly subscription. So I thought I’d let you know about some of the subscriptions I’d personally recommend, if you’re into similar things to me.

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