Yarn Bombing By The Sea!

yarn bombing by the sea

I used to live in Lancing village in West Sussex – when I saw that the band stand has been yarn bombed, I just had to get close ups!

I live in a village by the sea and a group of young people from Blueprint 22 yarn bombed our local band stand! I popped over there to see what it was like, as I’d passed it often in my car but not seen it up close!

Yarn Bombing By The Sea! 1


Yarn Bombing By The Sea! 2


Yarn Bombing By The Sea! 3


Yarn Bombing By The Sea! 4

I’d love to know if you’ve seen anything that has been ‘yarn bombed’ before, I think it’s something I’d love to see if I hear of any more local ones or at least within reach!

14 thoughts on “Yarn Bombing By The Sea!”

  1. I just love this! Somewhere close to me was yarn bombed recently and it made it onto the local news – aren't you tempted to have a go yourself? I know I am!

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