Why I Chose a Vegan Diet and Lifestyle

why vegan diet lifestyle

Towards the end of last year I transitioned to being fully vegan, and I’ve honestly found it easier than many thought it would be! I’m slowly adding more and more vegan oriented content on my blog – you’ll see these changes slowly happen, since as I’ve mentioned before, this blog is not a food blog. It’s more a reflection of my life – things I love, and that includes food.

As it’s now such a  big part of who I am, I thought I’d explain some of the reasons why I chose to live a vegan lifestyle — and no, there won’t be any graphic pictures of animal mistreatment to make you feel sad (I know what goes on and don’t need to see things like that to remind me).
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Birthday loveliness

Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes, it’s strange to think that I am no longer in my 20s!

On my birthday I had a yummy breakfast of waffles with chopped banana, maple syrup, and sprinkles! Very indulgent, but it only comes once a year, right?

Birthday loveliness 1

I then had a very relaxing afternoon before getting ready for a nice meal and a get-together with some of my lovely friends. Five of us had food at Pho in Brighton and then went onto the pub where others soon joined us.

I never expect any gifts from people, I’m not really that kind of girl who expects a Mulberry handbag. However, I was super lucky and received some wonderful gifts which were very well thought-out. That’s what really mattered to me, that people made the effort to get me things that they thought I would appreciate, that would be totally me. Alongside these spoils I also received some money towards my new Winter coat (a lush duffle coat from Topshop). I feel so lucky and loved, which are both feelings that I struggle with. I will one day explain why, but at the moment it’s too difficult to come to terms with. Anyhow, I’m sure you’d like to see what I received:

Birthday loveliness 2

Aren’t I lucky? And if you look closely, you’ll see there are presents which tie up with some of the things on my list to do in the next year!

I know I’m more than lucky. I am learning to love my new life, and I have some great people in it.

What Is Project Life?

what is project life

When I told people that I would be doing Project Life from my 30th birthday, many of my friends (most of which are non-scrapbookers by the way) asked what on earth it was! So I thought I’d give you a bit of a run down today, and share with you some of my favourite Project Life products and ‘artists’ as and when I find them, so that you can be inspired too.

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