My Favorite Vegan YouTube Channels

Favourite vegan YouTube channels

There are loads of vegan YouTube channels out there – you may have heard of some of the more ‘dramatic’ of them. However, I believe many are damaging in terms of their opinions, diet options and the whole stigma that they give the vegan community. If you’re like me and like to watch more foodie and lifestyle and less provocative vegan YouTube content, you’re in luck! Let’s take a look at some of my favourites…

My Top Vegan YouTube Channels

Vegan Food YouTube Channels

As a vegan foodie, I’m always looking for food inspiration and recipes to try. Here are some of my favourite food related vegan YouTube channels!

Cheap Lazy Vegan

Rose’s channel Cheap Lazy Vegan is packed full of food inspiration, meal plans and recipes! Her channel is all about eating delicious, healthy food on a budget, showing that you don’t have to have lots of money to eat decent vegan food.

Jess Beautician

Jess also features lots of vegan and cruelty free beauty, but it’s her food videos that make me enjoy her channel JessBeautician the most.

Hot for Food

Hot for Food is one of my absolute favourite vegan food channels on YouTube. I love the recipes, and I love how Lauren Toyota presents. I cannot wait for her book to be released as I’ll be snapping one up to try some more of her recipes!

The Happy Pear

I’m really chuffed to see The Happy Pear doing so well on social media at present! These two are chefs who are also identical twins! They run The Happy Pear, which is a restaurant, natural food market, cafe, and farm in Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland. Their recipes are really tasty, healthy, and pretty simple to make. They also released their second award winning recipe book, The World of the Happy Pear*, last year, so if you wish to give anyone a good recipe book, why not give theirs?!

Plant Based Judy

Plantbased Judy grew up locally to me in West Sussex, before embarking on her way to becoming a Nutritionist at uni in Surrey. I really enjoy her fun, chilled videos; the vibe she gives off is really pleasing. Her recipes and meal ideas are simple, tasty, and as she’s a student they are really reasonably priced. I also really enjoy her travel videos as I have an interest in seeing what food people eat in other countries.

That Vegan Mom

That Vegan Mom isn’t just a channel for vegan parents of vegan children. Her channel is chock full of delicious food ideas, reviews, meal plans and fitness tips for those who follow a vegan or plant based diet. I love how she presents her videos, and of course how she raises her son to be open minded about food.

Vegan Lifestyle YouTube Channels

The V Nice Life

I love watching The V Nice Life, and it’s not just because Sarah is my friend! I love her product reviews, taste tests and glimpses into her life, which I believe is very nice! Sarah and her husband Andy also love to travel, so their travel vlogs are always worth a watch to see what vegan food she gets to eat in other countries! Sarah also writes a blog, which is also called The V Nice Life.

Family Fizz (formerly Vegan Family TV)

 Family Fizz is a fun family channel, featuring daily vlogs, food ideas and lifestyle tips from a lovely family from the UK, currently living in the Canary Islands. I love how positive this family is, especially since the daughters, Mia and Sienna are currently attending a school in another country.

This channel used to be called Vegan Family TV, but they have recently had a good sort out of their channels! The more fitness orientated content can now be found on Vegan Fitness TV, and the girls also have their own channel, Fun Sisters, which features cute, family friendly, vegan friendly content.

Vegan Voyager

Vegan Voyager is Laura Lejeune‘s second channel, and features lots of delicious food tips and travel vlogs! Well worth a watch, especially if you’re in the UK and are looking for awesome accidentally vegan products!

Kiera Rose

I absolutely LOVE Kiera’s channel, I think she might be one of my absolute favourite people on YouTube! Kiera Rose is a vegan YouTuber who features food, beauty, personal style and tattoo related content on her channel. She also features some great stuff on mental health, and self care, both of which I am a big advocate of since I also struggle with mental health problems myself. A must subscribe to channel in my opinion!

Vegan Beauty YouTube Channels

I’m not massively into beauty blogs and vlogs, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t use make up or want to know more about vegan beauty products… since I have a skincare regime and wear make up to work and when I go out! A couple of my favourite vegan beauty bloggers also have YouTube channels and so I thought to share those too!

Logical Harmony

Tashina’s blog Logical Harmony is a go-to when I’m shopping for new beauty products, and I was so happy to learn that she also has a YouTube channel, also named Logical Harmony! I love her vegan and cruelty free beauty reviews, and she has also just started doing vlogs!

Rhian Hy

I love watching Rhian’s YouTube channel, Rhian Hy, as well as reading her blog WIFELIFE! Rhian is a British blogger and YouTuber, living in the US with her husband. I love her makeup looks and her overall style is simply stunning!

Political Vegan YouTube Channels

If you’re looking for more political YouTube channels, I’d advise against most specifically vegan channels, since most are not pro-intersectional and some even speak out against the movement. However, A Privileged Vegan goes against what I’ve just said and offers eloquently presented videos, challenging what others state in their content and pushing for the greater good. There are also non-specifically vegan political channels – that is, channels run by those who are, or aim to be vegan and who present intelligent, thoughtful and political content. Let me know if you want to know more about those!


What are your favourite Vegan YouTube channels? Have I missed out any of your favourites? Let me know in the comments!



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One thought on “My Favorite Vegan YouTube Channels”

  1. Yay thank you for introducing me to some new channels! I have subscribed to the v nice life, that vegan mom and plant based Judy! Already followed the others 😀
    I recommend Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen (love her recipe tests) and Caitlin Shoemaker! I do wish Family Fizz hadn’t changed their name, I haven’t watched many of their vlogs in the past few weeks now. I miss the vegan food hehe 😀

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