Tips for Cheap and Free Christmas Activities

Tips for Cheap and Free Christmas Activities 1


Every year we see lots of posts on social networks showing off how much someone has spent for Christmas or how much someone has had spent on them. If you want to spend and can spend that much, that’s fine, but if you can’t, there shouldn’t be the pressure to go beyond your means.

Currys recently approached me with information on the Top 10 Greatest Gifts Ever Given – if you click on the link and have a read through the infographic, you’ll see the craziness that some people have gotten up to with regards to presents – both Christmas related and not. But as mentioned above, not everyone has the budget or want to go all out at Christmas.

There are so many other ways to have an enjoyable Christmas without spending a lot of money at all, and a lot of it is through experiential traditions. I thought I’d share a few of the things other people do and ideas I have for Christmas traditions within your family and friendship group.

Tips for Cheap and Free Christmas Activities 2


Christmas movie marathon afternoons

Pick up a few cheap DVDs or create a list of your favourite Christmas films to work through on Netflix or Amazon Prime*(click the link for a free month of Amazon Prime!) one afternoon and/or evening. Make sure that you have lots of Christmas themed snacks and drinks to fuel you through the marathon – I mean, come on, every marathon needs fuel!

Tips for Cheap and Free Christmas Activities 3


Wandering around Christmas craft markets

Just because you go to a shop or market, doesn’t mean you need to spend money. We’ve had some great Christmas markets here in Brighton, especially at the Open Market, which is somewhere I used to love as a student and now life close to now that I’ve moved (yep, twice in a year, ouch!). There has been the Fairy Tale Fair and the super popular Brighton Etsy Christmas Market. I’m hoping to go to a Christmas market at least once a weekend in the run up to Christmas next year!

Baking treats for local service workers

What’s better than getting together and baking? Making an extra batch to take to a local service workers such as ambulance crew, fire station workers and other emergency service workers. Take them down to them, they’d be very much appreciated, especially on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or Boxing Day!

Tips for Cheap and Free Christmas Activities 4


Make snow globes from old jars

So simple, yet effective. If you’re anything like me and love to keep old jars to make things with, then making snow globes from old jars will be a fun activity which you can bring out year after year. There are loads of great tutorials around the internet, but one of my favourites is from HOW TO: Live Your Style. As well as using cute bottle brush trees like they do, you can also use old ornaments and plastic animal toys.

Christmas Eve pyjamas

It’s really nice to be able to wear a new pair of pyjamas on Christmas Eve, and what better way then to buy a new pair to wear that night? My sister and her family has a tradition where the children receive a ‘Christmas Eve box’ which usually contains a pair of pyjamas (Primark or supermarket Christmas themed ones), a snack, a cup (usually from a pound shop) and then instructions and materials for a couple of crafts.

Tips for Cheap and Free Christmas Activities 5


Make dough Christmas tree decorations

These are so much fun and so simple to make – plus they are super cheap as all you need is salt, water and flour! Make sure to check out Rainy Day Mum’s The Quickest Ever Salt Dough Recipe if you want to give this a go!

The internet is chock full of even more recommendations, lists, crafts and suggestions on what you can do as Christmas family traditions. Do you do anything in particular in the run up to Christmas? Let me know in the comments below, and if you have featured something similar on your own blog, please leave the post URL, I’d love to give it a read!

This post was written in conjunction with Currys, but all thoughts and ideas are my own.

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