Make: When We Made Sushi

veggie sushi made at home

We decided to try and make our own sushi! After going to Wing Yip in Croydon to pick up all of our bits and pieces needed (plus some other stuff – some of which I’ll be featuring on this blog soon) we came back here exhausted so we didn’t make the sushi that day. However, the following day we made it, and it tasted so good!

sushi rice with wasabi

We used a mould to shape this rice and added on wasabi paste, before we topped it with fish (king prawn, salmon, mackerel) and added nori.

sushi selection maki rolls

We also made rolls, they had crab sticks, cooked red peppers, cucumber and pickled carrots. You can see all of the sushi that we made! It was delish.

I look forward to making more sushi and trying different combinations and styles. Have you ever made it before?

8 thoughts on “Make: When We Made Sushi”

  1. Oh my goodness they look amazingly fantastic. I love sushi, quite literally obsessed. I've made it on a couple of occasions but just end up indulging completely and eating far too much (there's something about the sushi rice that I just can't resist). Plus, LOVE wasabi. Mmm!
    Rache @ Live.Food.Love [xo]

  2. Oh, sushi!! YUM!! ^_^ I've never made it, but we've got a great buffet on the corner. Does that count? lol

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! ^_^

    1. Of course it does! Sushi is delish, I usually go to a place called Yo Sushi because they have great food and so many offers, but home made is delish too!

      No problem, thanks for stopping by at mine too!

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