Sunday Lovin’–New (to me) Favourite Craft Magazines

It’s not an uncommon fact that I love to read. I have a Kindle, but also like books. I never really read magazines much though, only really for the free gifts they’d have every so often.

Just recently, however, I’ve gotten into 2 magazines that are new to me. They aren’t brand new magazines or anything, but I think they are fab and have me yearning to make almost everything in them!

They are both from the same publisher and you can get some really good discounts on subscriptions for them (which I’ve taken advantage of) complete with an additional free gift! I’ll add sub links underneath each of the magazine descriptions.

Sunday Lovin'--New (to me) Favourite Craft Magazines 1

The first is Mollie Makes, which is a pretty cool and trendy magazine, covering many different types of craft. There are some features with blog links, lifestyle photos, tutorials and patterns, and they give away some fab free gifts. You can subscribe here and you can get a free gift of a jelly roll of Amy Butler fabric.

Sunday Lovin'--New (to me) Favourite Craft Magazines 2

The second is Cross Stitcher, which from the title you can tell that it is a more specialist magazine, and it features some really cool and younger style of magazine approach. Similar to Mollie Makes, if you will. It contains many a pattern to create some less old-lady style cross stitches, and you can subscribe here-free gift is a selection of cross stitching threads.

Do you read any craft magazines or specialist hobby magazines? Leave me a comment below if you do!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Lovin’–New (to me) Favourite Craft Magazines”

  1. I love Mollie Makes too. I used to read Making Magazine as well. My favourite non-crafty magazine is Oh Comely, if you haven't tried that one I highly recommend it. x

  2. I quite like Mollie Makes and have bought it a few times. I don't really buy magazines often now either as I'm too addicted to blogs, ha ha!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog ~ yes, the crowd was mostly older ladies at the craft stall!

  3. I hadn't heard of Mollie Makes before, but it looks like a good magazine! Will have to keep an eye open for it. I don't buy crafting magazines but do nose through Prima now and again for their craft section!
    P.S. thanks for the lovely comments on my blog! 🙂

  4. I love Mollie Makes. You seem to get some great little gifts each month too!! I've never bought the other one but I shall look out for it.

    Emily x

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