Pickwick Speculaas Tea Review

tea review - speculoos speculaas gingerbread

I’ve just returned from a city break with friends in Amsterdam and we managed to try lots of yummy local food. I think sometimes the food excites me as much as the scenery and cultural sights – well, almost!

I picked up three different types of tea in the Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn, and this was one of them. I absolutely adore speculoos biscuits and spread, so this was ideal for me! It’s a black tea with added spices – cinnamon, anise, cardamom, ginger, and cloves. It has a scrummy gingerbread flavour and I enjoyed it without milk. I may try it with almond milk, but I don’t drink my tea with regular milk in as it usually makes me feel bloated.

I really did enjoy this tea – it didn’t taste exactly like speculoos, but it was great anyway.

speculoos tea review speculaas gingerbread tea

Speaking of speculoos, I also tried some brilliant biscuits – not only were they speculoos, but they also had caramel between them, like stroopwaffels do! They were so delicious and I managed to bring a pack back with me. As well as tea and those biscuits, I also brought back what I always do from The Netherlands, and that it Hagelslag! Yum. Have you heard of Hagelslag before? They are sprinkles, mainly chocolate, which you sprinkle onto buttered bread, like fairy bread in Australia! I love them so much and when I first went to the country in 1997, I was taken a bit aback by the concept of both those, and by vla! If you follow me on Instagram, you will also see that I bought some vla when I was there to enjoy for breakfast – it’s similar to pudding that you have in the US, yum!

I’d better stop talking about food, as I’m getting hungry, and two bags of Dutch Haribo are staring me in the face… need to ignore them!!

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