My Top Functional Planner Sticker Printables

Functional Planner Printable Stickers

Having a planner can be extremely beneficial – not just for knowing what to do, when you’re doing something, when birthdays and functions are, and when bills are due, but also for maintaining physical and mental wellness.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite functional planner sticker printables with you – I hope they help you out as much as they do, me! Plus they make your planner look colourful and cute, if you’re that way inclined!

Organise your life the fun way with cute stickers

Yep, cute stickers can not just be a fun thing to use in your planner, but they come with other benefits, too!

Medical theme planner stickers

Looking to track your mood, your menstrual cycle, or make notes on medical appointments? Then you need these awesome, bright coloured medical themed planner stickers in your life!

mood tracker planner sticker printables

As someone who lives with a number of mental health problems, I really love these mood tracker stickers* by Liflig.

doctor appointment planner sticker printables

These Doctor appointment planner stickers* by ilove2print are great for keeping track of you and your family’s medical appointments!

period menstruation planner sticker printables

If you prefer to log your menstrual cycle in your planner, these period planner printables* by SweetyStickers are super cute and very, very helpful!

Functional home chore planner printables

When it comes to planner stickers, particularly functional ones, people are all about the chore stickers life. They’re a really handy way to track what you need to do, what you’ve done, and when to do them!

change bed sheets covers planner printable stickers

I love a fresh set of bedcovers at the start of every week. These change bed covers planner stickers* by designby2 are great if you’re not about that start of the week clean sheet feeling, plus look how cute they are! 

chores flag pastel planner sticker printable

If you don’t want to get lots of different household chores stickers, then these flag shaped chores stickers* by keenaprints are the best way to mark what needs to be done!

laundry day washing line planner stickers

These laundry day stickers* by SeptemberWindStudio are super cute! I love the colours, design and font used – adorable reminders of when to do the mundane task of washing clothes!!

cleaning day printable planner stickers

Along the same, adorable lines, look at these cute cleaning day stickers* by SeptemberWindStudio!

chores functional planner sticker printable

Here’s another multi function set! I really like these cute chores functional phrase stickers* by skullsorchidsplan.

laundry day planner stickers printable

Can washing clothes be inspirational? Or at least funny? These laundry themed planner stickers* by letspaperup combine the two!

Family and Couple Themed Planner Printables

birthday reminder planner stickers

I don’t have kids, so I don’t see much use for childcare themed stickers, but I know for sure that these birthday reminder stickers* by ilove2print are great whether you have kids or not!

Hobby Themed Planner Printables

Everyone has different hobbies, and some of these things are more like work, or the complete opposite to doing anything at all, but here’s some fun hobby stickers to make sure that you’re making time for you and the things that you’re interested in!

netflix binge planner stickers

Love Netflix? Got a new series coming up, or just want to have a binge session? Make sure you get these Netflix binge stickers* by RubyRedIrisPrints!

tv labels set printable planner stickers

Got loads of different favourite shows that you CAN’T miss and series link just doesn’t do it (or you don’t have series link) – these TV series planner stickers* by MeeDigiScrap will help you to keep on top of your shows!

happy mail planner printable stickers

I’m a penpaller and love sending and receiving mail! If you’re like me and love snail mail too, these happy mail stickers* by designby2 are great for keeping track of when you sent and received items in the mail!

blog printable planner stickers

And  these blog themed planner stickers* by TabandTabPrintables will certainly help you stay on top of some of your blog planning and scheduling!

General organisation planner printables

Of course, there’s also lots of other things to organise, so here’s some other types of functional planner printables!

beauty functional planner printable stickers

I’m so rubbish at remembering when to clean my makeup brushes and other beauty related tasks, so these beauty functional phrase stickers* by skullsorchidsplan are fab for even the most savvy beauty addict!

quirky blackout functional planner stickers

I’m obsessed with these functional home phrase and icon stickers* by Quirky Co-ordinates, and use them in most of my weekly spreads, not gonna lie! Plus they don’t just come in black, but the black ones are my favourites, they are just so clean and satisfying to me.

functional bright colour icon sticker printables

These simple, no nonsense functional icon stickers* by SweetyStickers go with almost any planner theme!

blank checklist planner sticker printable

I love a good checklist, and these blank half box checklist stickers* by SeptemberWindStudio allow you to create your own, short checklists and tick off/fill in the hearts as you go!

bright rainbow functional colours planner printables

I am all about having a selection of different colours, and these bright colour functional planner sticker sets* by ilove2print are sure to complement other sticker designs you’ll use in your weekly spreads!

weekly habit tracker planner sticker printable

Again with an awesome selection of colours are these habit tracker planner printables* by Color Coordinated. There’s space for you to write your own habit/code for the habit, and then tick off the days as you go.

Financial themed planner stickers

Of course, let’s not forget those financial planner stickers – they really are a must for many people, so that it’s known when bills are due, when it’s payday that month, etc! Here are some of my favourite financial and money related planner printables:

spring colour payday flag stickers printable

I really like the sorbet colours of these payday flag stickers* by Color Coordinated!

bright colour weekly spend planner printable stickers

These weekly spending tracker stickers by ilove2print are fab for keeping on top of your finances, without needing to look up spend on spreadsheets – great for a quick reference!

bill due bright colour printable planner stickers

These bill due stickers by EnjoyPlanning are available in a rainbow of colours, and would be a great compliment to


Wow. A massive list right there. I really do hope that these help you out!


What are your favourite functional planner sticker printables? Let me know in the comments below!

I’d also love to see your planner layouts if you use any of these stickers – tag me on Instagram or Twitter to show me!


Note: The planner printables featured in this blog post are most suited to the regular sized Happy Planner* and the regular sized Erin Condren Life Planner*(click my link to save $10!), but they can of course be used in other planners, just make sure that you research the sizes first.

All of these stickers can be printed using colour printers, and can be cut with a cutting machine – I use (and love) the Silhouette Cameo cutting machine*.

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