20 Questions 5 bloggers

I’ve been tagged by fellow Scentsy consultant Laura Liberty to answer the following questions, I hope that those who I’ve tagged will play along, it’s all a little bit of fun really!

20 Questions 5 bloggers 1

source: Trendhunter

Name: Tillie

Job: Online Marketing Specialist and Independent Scentsy Consultant

What do you love more than cake? Chocolate! Plus crafts and Scentsy!

What do you dislike? How clumsy I am! And like Laura, people with a sense of entitlement

Who do you find annoying?ย People who are rude and have a lack of manners – basically the same kind of people who I mentioned before!

Favourite blog? Oh gosh, I have so many! I have to pick just one?! Check out some of my faves in the sidebar, haha

Favourite Website Right now? Hm. I go to Buzzfeed, Pinterest and Twitter a lot so I guess those!

Are you on Twitter? Yes! Follow my blog Twitter @teacakeandmake

2013 resolutions? I don’t really have any, I’m working towards my 30 in 30 goals instead

Children/pets? No children, but I have a dog ๐Ÿ™‚

Best Memory To Date? I’m not quite sure to be honest with you!

Perfect Way To Relax? Cup of tea, slice of cake and a craft in my hands. Or, a Lush bath…. or same as the first but with something cheesy to watch or a good movie.

Favourite Tipple? Spiced rum and Coke.

Inspired By? Life

Favourite Food? Chocolate!

Favourite Colour? Blue

Top Tip? Be yourself and don’t let others get in the way of your dreams

Favorite Author? Jodi Picoult

Bad Habit? Not sure – probably worth asking someone else this question about me!

I am going to tag these lovely people: Skye, Imogen, Wegan, Tizz, and the lovely Steph and Lauren from the Realistic Mum’s Club. If they manage to do this, please make sure that you link back to me and tag 5 more bloggers of your choice ๐Ÿ™‚

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