Coggings & Co Brighton Review

Coggings & Co burger review Brighton

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I’ve been wanting to head to Coggings & Co for a while, so when one of my friends moved to a new flat, right on Seven Dials, it had to happen! I’d been chatting to the guys from there for ages on Twitter, and the opportunity to try delicious local burgers with my friends was something I had to do. So thanks for moving, Kate!!

 I actually blame Coggings for making me want to try more burgers in Brighton to see if any of them live up to their standards. Yes, I do think it’s going to be a tough act to follow. Sorry, other burger places in Brighton! You may remember that I visited The New Club in September and loved their burgers. Now they have lost their crown and Coggings & Co are going to rule for a while, I’m sure.

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When you arrive at Coggings & Co you get table water. Now, this might seem like a small thing to some, but I’m always ordering jugs of tap water for the table, so this saved me a bit of effort! Plus, the water comes in cute bottles… yeah, I’m shallow!

 I was eyeing up the menu for a while before I even booked the table, and I went for the brisket burger. Come on, how could I say no to brisket?! The burger I chose comprised of the following: 6oz beef, brisket & chipotle chilli, guacamole, sour cream and salad. The burgers also come with chips, which can be either cooked in beef dripping or vegetable oil – you can guess what I went for! The beef dripping made the chips so tasty and perfectly crispy, fluffy in the middle and all of that goodness.

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Anyway, my opinion on the burger. Can you imagine the most melt in the mouth goodness? Add BBQ deliciousness and guacamole and of course succulent beef. Oh my. Words actually fail me in finding the words to describe it.

Coggings & Co Brighton review

And what followed was just as heavenly – or dare I say it, even more so! I really didn’t think I could manage a desert. I knew before I went
there that I would be full. But living up to human nature (and my ridiculously sweet tooth), I needed some diversification. When we arrived at Coggings & Co, we saw on the specials board the following: doughnuts filled with black cherry curd, with dark chocolate dipping sauce. Oh my. And when they arrived – even more oh my. My mouth was so happy.

And at the end of the meal? Our purses were happy too. For less than £25 each we’d just enjoyed one of the best meals we’d had all year. I’m not ashamed to say that either, because I know it’s true!

So other burger places in Brighton? Bring it on! This Brighton burger bitch is ready for you! Let’s see if you can steal the crown from Coggings & Co – I dare you to try!!

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  1. I live quite close to this place & nearly went there last week but there's not much vegetarian choice so we went next door to The Cow instead. Seven Dials is well served for cafes and restaurants at the moment, that's for sure.

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