The Week That Was: 20th -26th July 2014

It was been super hot and sunny here in Brighton and Hove this week, and it looks as though it will continue for a while, getting rainy tomorrow and a little cooler towards the end of the week.

I’ve been spending most lunches this week either on the beach or chilling in Palmeira Square, which is close to where I work. How have you been enjoying the hot weather? Or do you not enjoy it at all?

This is my week!

Last Sunday I went to see Andrew WK at The Haunt in Brighton. It was hot, sweaty and exciting! It was going to be my first proper solo gig going, but I bumped into my friend Will, who was shooting the gig. You can head over and see his photos here at RMP Magazine, but make sure you come back to see what the rest of my week was like!

Monday I worked and chilled at lunch and after work!

Tuesday was pretty much the same!


The Week That Was: 20th -26th July 2014 1

Wednesday I went to Street Diner at lunch and then ate my delicious lunch (a Cilantro Dave salad box from Olly Dawson) under a tree in Palmeira Square with Sarah, who makes super pretty jewellery which you can buy from her shop, MoonTide Jewellery.

On Wednesday and Thursday I usually go to zumba, but it was too hot and I didn’t want to knacker my body. I suffer from a number of health issues, so just being able to exercise is a great achievement for me. When it’s hot, I can’t push myself though!

I discovered Bob’s Burgers on Thursday… where have I been and why didn’t I watch it before?! Love it.

The Week That Was: 20th -26th July 2014 2

Friday was work and a chilled one in the evening. I watched some great stuff and ate this adorable white chocolate Westie from Creighton’s Chocolaterie, which was sent to me by Lucky Dip Club! By the way, I have been loving the boxes so far and cannot wait to get to work Monday to see my Pet Parade box, eep!

Saturday was a scorcher! I did a food shop (thrilling) and watched some movies on Netflix.

It wasn’t an exciting week, but there’s a reason, since it was sweltering… and this was my lunchtime view most days:

I’m really looking forward to August (can you believe it’s going to be August incredibly soon?!) as there’s lots of fun lined up. Cake parties, two hen parties, a tattoo, two weddings, and more! I’m bloody excited.

Oh, and come back here sometime in the week, there’s gonna be something super cool and foodie to read about, plus some other awesome content!

8 thoughts on “The Week That Was: 20th -26th July 2014”

    1. Thanks Laura! It was nice and relaxing, supposedly to help energise me for the upcoming busy-ness that is August! Kind of didn't though cause of the heat!

      And now there's a thunderstorm!!

  1. I'm so glad to hear you've discovered Bob's Burgers! It's definitely one of my favourite TV shows of all time. I'm assuming you've also seen Archer, right? RIGHT? If not, GET ON IT. Like, yesterday. xxx

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