Christmas Party Ready Hair and Shampoo Bars at Shine

party hair inspiration

I recently attended the launch of Shine Hair and Beauty salon’s shampoo bars. The evening was packed full of hair tips for trend-worthy Christmas party hair styles, and to celebrate the launch of the new Shine Bar.

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Getting Physical at Brighton Fitness First

Getting physical at Fitness First Brighton

I’m no stranger to fitness – I love attending my favourite zumba class and recently did a 3 hour zumbathon for The Martlets Hospice. I also enjoy going to balates class at my local Sweaty Betty, and when the weather’s nice enough I’ll be back to hula hooping now that we have a garden. So when Fitness First invited me to have a look around their Brighton gym and have a personal training session, I jumped at the chance.

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Olive Grove – Brighton Restaurant Review

Olive Grove Brighton restaurant review

The area around The Lanes has no shortage of good restaurants specialising in the food of the Mediterranean, so when Olive Grove, already well-known in London, opened their new location in Brighton I wasn't quite sure whether or not they might be setting themselves up for a fall. How can you go about establishing yourself in such a saturated marketplace?
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Brighton Vegan Pizza Review – Morelli Zorelli

Brighton Vegan Pizza review Morelli Zorelli

One of the things people ask me about when I tell them that I don’t eat dairy, is “don’t you miss cheese?” – and to a lot of people’s disappointment, I tell them that I don’t. I was never really keen on cheese, but I know that a lot of people who stop eating dairy do miss it. With that, and my love of pizza in mind, I thought I’d start a new series reviewing vegan pizza options in Brighton, with my first being Morelli Zorelli.

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Why I’m Not Going to Vegfest Brighton…

Why I'm not going to vegfest Brighton

It’s Vegfest Brighton this weekend and I’ve had so many people over the past month or so ask me “Are you going to Vegfest?! and are shocked when I reply “No.”. Some people have then gone onto asking me why that is. So I thought I’d share it with the world why I won’t be going this year. There are many reasons, so let’s begin…

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