Curlformers Outfit Inspiration

Curlformers Outfit Inspiration 1

This is a different post than usual, although I know that sometimes I do post clothing I have my eye on in my loving posts! I’m far from a fashion blogger and don’t think I’d want to be, but the lovely Lilla was running a competition on her blog to win £100 of Amazon vouchers! Of course I thought I should join in, especially since I have been interested in the brand for a while – basically they are a heat free curling system, which is definitely something I know a lot of people are looking for.

My hair is very thick and used to be curly when I was a little girl. I was a bit like Annie. Now I like to either wear my wavy hair curly or straight and although I have some Babyliss rollers I can never get the look that I want. I love spirally curls and they would be perfect for the event/scenario and outfit that I have chosen for the contest.

The event I picked to style an outfit for was afternoon tea at a posh hotel. I picked a cute and sparkly outfit, and spirally curls which would be complimentary to the outfit and what I usually aspire to create. They would be created with the long & wide Curlformers styling kit and I think it would all look pretty good together.

What do you think about it? What would you wear to such an event?

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