Chinese Style Turkey Recipes

From many of my recent posts, you might think that I am trying to turn this into a food blog – I’m not. Or at least, I’m not intending to. However, I do love to eat good food, cook and bake, so if there’s something food wise that I’d like to share, then, well, I’m going to be honest I shall be sharing it!

Over the next day or so I’ll be sharing a selection of recipes which tie in with a competition that British Turkey are running – they are my entries into the competition which challenged entrants to come up with some exciting dishes which involved British turkey.

Today I am sharing with you two recipes to help you create a Chinese-inspired meal using British turkey.

chinese inspired British turkey recipes
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Curlformers Outfit Inspiration

Curlformers Outfit Inspiration 1

This is a different post than usual, although I know that sometimes I do post clothing I have my eye on in my loving posts! I’m far from a fashion blogger and don’t think I’d want to be, but the lovely Lilla was running a competition on her blog to win £100 of Amazon vouchers! Of course I thought I should join in, especially since I have been interested in the brand for a while – basically they are a heat free curling system, which is definitely something I know a lot of people are looking for.

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