HEMA Sticker and Stationery Haul!

When I was in Amsterdam a while back, I managed to visit HEMA a few times and loved it. My friend Tizz had mentioned over the years how much she loves it, and I was a little jealous that the Dutch had it, but we didn’t.

HEMA Sticker and Stationery Haul! 1

Image: Retail Week

But this month all changed. HEMA came to the UK They opened up a shop at Victoria, in London, plus two additional shops in Kingston and Bromley, which are in outer London.I’d joke and say that us sending Primark over the Rotterdam was the deal breaker!

Anyhow, those of you who know me, know that I love stationery. I haven’t shared anything too crafty on my blog recently, so I thought I’d share with you what I’d bought at HEMA – a haul, if you will. I will more than likely use this stuff for letter writing and in my planner (I’d say filofax, but mine’s from Paperchase), rather than with card making and scrapbooking, but you can do with it what you wish!

HEMA Sticker and Stationery Haul! 2

My favourite part of HEMA stores (Image: Household Design)

Apologies for the lack of pricing, but for some silly reason I mislaid the receipt!

There isn’t a HEMA UK site at the moment, but I’ve read that there will soon be one where you can peruse and purchase products.

On with the haul…

I love stamps, and could not resist this pair of self inking stamps, which I think are ideal for decorating letters:

HEMA self inking stamps

I also picked up some cute transfers – had to grab 2 sheets, just in case, y’know?!

HEMA transfers

Of course, no stationery haul is complete without stickers!

First off, I picked up these two sheet sets:

HEMA haul sticker sheets

I also picked up this cute roll in a box:

HEMA sticker roll

And also a roll of sticky labels:

HEMA sticky labels

I also picked up a packet of my favourite sweets from there – buttered waffle boiled sweets. I would have taken a photo, but I accidentally ate them all! Oops.

Have you been to any of the new HEMA shops? I’m hoping they will follow TIGER and make the move down to Brighton!

8 thoughts on “HEMA Sticker and Stationery Haul!”

  1. Oh yes, I chanced upon the Victoria store on my way to a rehearsal nearby, when I saw it, it instantly reminded me of Tiger. I really liked what I saw, yes particularly the craft stuff! X

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